AMD introduces the third generation of AMD processors Ryzen Threadripper

"إيه إم دي" تطرح الجيل الثاني من معالجات AMD Ryzen Threadripper

Revealed AMD for the second generation of processors, buses, high-performance desktop AMD Ryzen Threadripper, which the company had launched for the first time in August of last year. The company says about the new generation that breaks the world record in Performance Test CPU multi-tasking.

Will the second generation of the wizard, which is available to the market as of 13 August, in four different models all based on the structure of the LED “Zen+ ” 12 Nm. Adds a new generation tags additional name Ryzen Threadripper WX in addition to the category Ryzen Threadripper X current, where the allocation of new category performance to match with market specialists and to obtain the best power desktop workloads high.

Succeeded the new generation of processor Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX in breaking records in the test Cinebench R15 units of the central multi-tasking, having managed a team of AMD in the batch processor performance 2990WX to more than 5.1 GHz cooled by liquid nitrogen, achieving a record performance in the sense 7,618, eclipsing the current record achieved by the CPU competition, Intel Core i9-7980XE, which achieved 5828 points.

The following table shows the date, specifications and price of the proposed models the new generation four:

The date of availability and expectedPrice (in dollars)Generation 3.0 cards interconnection highway between the components of the peripheralHeat emission into the computer (in watts)Cache (in Megabytes)



Speed/frequency (bears)Of cores/threadsStyle
13 August 2018$1,79964250W644.2/3.032/64AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 2990WX
October 2018$1,29964250W644.2/3.024/48AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 2970WX
31 August 2018$89964180W324.4/3.516/32AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 2950X
October 2018$64964180W324.3/3.512/24AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 2920X


Technical specifications:

Supports all the processors of the second generation of AMD Ryzen Threadripper platform SocketTR4 , and memory DDR4 quad-channel, with support for ECC. And support of all central processing units (CPU) for AMD Ryzen Threadripper, by a statute full of pads X399 new and current at all, the platform also supports SocketTR4 a wide range of cooling solutions for new and existing, including the chilled air of the new Wraith Ripper which was introduced for the first time in the gallery Comptuex 2018.

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