LG announces Bluetooth Headphone with a special button Service Google Assistant and Translate

With the approaching date of departure of the exhibition IFA 2018, began the consumer electronics companies announcing new products which are displayed during the event, which is one of the largest in Europe. Among those companies LG today announced the headphones wireless with special advantages.

The company said the South Korean in a post on her blog that she intends to showcase their latest products wireless voice during the IFA 2018, most notably going to be the headset the LG Tone Platinum (model HBS-1120), which boasts that it, like her smart phone LG G7 comes with a dedicated button to plugin Google Google Assistant, will also be headset the LG Tone Ultra SE (model HBS-835S), which boasts that it comes with an external speaker.

It is more Assembly of the headset the LG Tone Platinum as providing a interpretation Service by pressing a special button running Google translator Google Translate. This does not need to say the phrase OK Google to run the digital assistant, with enough pressure on the button.

With regard to headphones, the other ear the LG Tone Ultra SE, he said LG has the external speaker, to the side of the earpiece, provide the possibility to make and answer calls and listen to music without blocking surrounding sounds.


What do you think of the design and the advantages of In-Ear Headphones for the new LG’s? Let me know in the comments.

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