Here’s all what can be done using the USB-C port on your iPad Pro 2018

Apple unveiled about the iPad Pro new in October 2018, which replaced the port Lightning USB port-C is compatible with industry standards, which opened up a whole new world of uses of the device.

In general, the USB-C port does a lot of things, such as Lightning, including the charging device, and connect it with a third party, but the USB-C port has the support of the industry more in depth.

Let us here all know what can be done using the USB-C port on your iPad Pro 2018

Charging your iPad Pro

The new device comes with a USB cable C and USB charger-C capacity 18 watts to support Fast shipping. You only need to connect one end of the cable to the USB port-C in the tablet itself, and the other in the USB port to a charger or power adapter.

USB-C على جهاز iPad Pro 2018

You can connect your tablet power adapter USB-C is higher energy also.

May lead to do it to charge faster, especially if you are using a USB power adapter-C attached with the computer, Mac mobile. Can connect the tablet to the USB port-C in the case also.


Charge other devices

Can now re-charge USB devices-C other across the battery iPad Pro, including phones iPhone.

If you are abroad and need some extra energy for your phone, just connect it to your iPad Pro via a cable Lightning to USB-C (sold separately, available exclusively from Apple for $ 19 extra).

USB-C على جهاز iPad Pro 2018

Can charge your iPad Pro of iPad Pro another, so that if you have the model of my iPad Pro with USB-C, you can connect both devices with a USB cable-C. the device will first pull power from the other. If you want to change it and make the other device pulls the energy of the first, just disconnect the cable first and then re-connect it.

USB-C على جهاز iPad Pro 2018

Also issued recently Apple version of the USB-C cable to charge the Apple Watch at a price of $ 29.


Contact screen display

Lets you connect your iPad Pro to an external monitor problems video high dynamic (HDR10), the formation of presentations on Keynote, adjustment of levels, Pages, playing games and more. It should be noted that this setting simply reflects the screen of the iPad Pro built-in. To get the real experience of the company second, you will need to apply to support this possibility, such as the application of broadcast video, video-streaming.

Screens USB-C

If you have an external monitor HD from the USB Type-C / Thunderbolt, you can connect it to iPad Pro using a USB cable-C annex. The tablet can be used a protocol of DisplayPort to support communication with a USB-C with a resolution up to 5K. Keep in mind that the displays Thunderbolt 3, such as the screen of LG UltraFine 5K, not supported by the iPad Pro.

USB-C على جهاز iPad Pro 2018

Recommends Apple TV by using cable supports higher bandwidth connections, such as those contained in your display screen, or cable for USB-C to USB-C with Belkin or cable (Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C.

Screen display HDMI

To connect your iPad Pro screen HDMI, you’ll need an adapter USB-C is suitable to HDMI. To output video from iPad Pro 4K and 60Hz, you should have the adapter you used to see HDMI 2.0.

USB-C على جهاز iPad Pro 2018

Contact right fit

Why do you want to connect your iPad Pro to fit?

Well, charging through the USB-C is one of the reasons the other is synced to iTunes (if you still care about this). As before, you can use apps such as browser iMazing iOS to browse the files on the device.

If the case that you are trying to connect your iPad Pro it has a USB port-A old, you’ll need the correct cable such as cable Belkin 3.1 USB-A to USB-C recommended by Apple.

Connect to other devices

In addition to computers and external networks, allows the USB-C port for your iPad Pro to contact for a full range of different types of devices and accessories.

For example, you can connect a digital camera or SD card reader to import photos into the iPad Pro.

USB-C على جهاز iPad Pro 2018

USB-C supports the following types of devices:

  • Prepare Hub
  • Keyboards
  • Audio interfaces and MIDI devices
  • External storage devices to import photos and videos

If that wasn’t enough, you can use the USB-C port to add additional ports to the iPad Pro.

USB-C على جهاز iPad Pro 2018

Audio playback

Despite the fact that your iPad Pro no longer has a headphone jack measuring 3.5 mm, except that the headphone adaptor of the USB Type-C for headphone jack 3.5 mm Apple TV (sold separately for $ 9 only) lets you connect the headset to your old tablet.

USB-C على جهاز iPad Pro 2018

You can also use the USB-C port to connect to access the combinations sound booster for USB-C, including audio interfaces and MIDI devices.

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