Best 5 apps to create the image yourself

Food has become expressive that we know as the img element is essential in every conversation, despite the fact that these faces are similar to many of the keyboard to another, allowing some applications to create image special and this is the best 5:


Keyboard Google is becoming supports making image of yourself recently, start heading to the section of the poster you can see the logo of the New end of the line lets create a image looks like you filmed yourself, and allows some control options in the color and shape of the hair on the head, face, and color of the skin of the skin; after the creation of anime you can find it in the section of posters.

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Of months niche applications in the creation of image and in the form and then use it within a large group of posters already processed, and with the Snapchat app opens the feature friendmoji which enables you to add a friend to the poster of the image.

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Emoji Maker

This app allows you create image faces the yellow animals, and the South is then allowed to add after that stickers the keyboard and use it from there.

Google Play


This app allows to create image fixed, and another moving like a name that you can use as a GIF in the talks.

Google Play

Emoji Me Animated Faces

With this app you can make the image of yourself with too many options of customization, but some is driven, and then create a copy of the image you can use many of the posters already processed.

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