The best and most dangerous the application can be relied upon to monitor the phones of kids

لمراقبة هواتف

He also did not mention his bad because he works on the both small and large up to the extent of the possibility of running the camera front or the back of the remote and record all calls and view Mavi folder of images and messages on WhatsApp and other social apps, and all mattejelp of tools for !

In return, we will not go without our command of the details of the app work much. The video, which presents its website for your application which we know the link to it in the bottom of the article here, suffice it presents the truth clearly, but we summarize the work of this app MTF:

You’ll visit its site through the mobile phone you want to monitor to download it and install it and then grant it the powers required to be able to stop the phone remotely.
The app is available on Google Play Store because the idea of his work contrary to the policy of publishing there.

When the installation is finished, create an account through it and then close the app which within turn between the folds of the system will not only shows using HTML code #default 1234* if you want to delete it or something.

Through the same site for your application, you can log in to your account the same data that you entered on the set up of the account on the phone. There are only you will have access to the phone and listen to call recordings and review the pictures and other details that will help you to re-raise this child !

Watch your phone remotely so you can access them when lost

Without we disclaim ill use the app only in the satisfaction of God until the calendar. We recall that the app, although this feature which will deal with the mission on it’s abominable, to be tapped and converted to benign to install the app on your phone personal and to be able to through the app access to your phone when it was stolen has been living in sweating for a thief to run the remote cameras before being able to this thief reset the phone.

The website for the app
MTF for Android

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The best and most dangerous the application can be relied upon to monitor the phones of kids

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