The best keyboard shortcuts Mac

Enjoy operating systems, computers keyboard shortcuts that can choose the several steps and the implementation of a quick task by clicking on the more button at one time, months shortcuts that we’ll see her here working with the computers Mac and increase productivity with the pledge.

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1) Spotlight search

Click ⌘ + spacebar button with Call partner Spotlight that you can look through on the web or are matters of arithmetic or currency conversion.

2) search for a word in the level

If you are inside a document or web browsers you can click on the ⌘ + F with a to show box you enter any word you want to look for.

3) Select All

Instead of clicking and then drag until the bottom of the page to select long text or a large number of files, you can click ⌘ + A to with.

4) copy and paste

Clean copy text or any file, select it, then click ⌘ + C together and paste it somewhere else, stand where you are allowed to write or save the file, and click the ⌘ + V with the implementation of the paste operation.

5) close the application window

As an alternative to click on the X top of the windows, you can click on the ⌘ + W.

6) force close the app

The breakdown of applications is annoying but can be dealt with for the ⌘ + ⌥ + Esc together, where you show a list of apps running in the background which do not respond to work.

7) between Windows.

For the ⌘ + Tab with know row windows, open applications, and clicking again can navigate and choose any window you want.

8) development page

Drag up and down, roll the mouse can be set for the ⌘ + ↑ and⌘ + ↓, respectively.

9) navigate between tabs web browser

On Chrome or Safari and click on the Tab + Control + to navigate between tabs open web.

You can also click on the Tab + Shift + Control to change the navigation between tabs in the opposite direction, i.e. instead of competing to be referenced the following returns the referenced VI.

10) navigate between windows of a single app

If you open more than one window for any application, you can navigate quickly between windows for ⌘ + ~ with.

11) hide the app

Select the application that you want to hide and click the ⌘ + H with.

12) to capture the image of the company

To capture a complete picture of the company click the ⌘ + ⇧ + 3 with, to identify a certain part of the screen click on the ⌘ + ⇧ + 3 with.

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