Eleven years since the establishment of the location of your iPhone Islam 🎉

Today we celebrate eleven years to create a iPhone Islam. But please, honey, call your dad to celebrate with us and tell him that the site which was traded he became an old man for the ages and locations, and may lose it at any time, so tell him to spend with the iPhone held his last days he was with him when he lacks the right information, lost in a sea of Technology, missing tools and applications that live on his achievement, and did not spare any effort, and today after I’ve had enough leave us alone, tell him stay with us, we need him now.

I was talking with a friend who is a managing editor for a number of Arabic websites popular and has a long experience in the field of Electronic Publishing, told me that the situation of Arabic websites is no longer as before, the number of visits became few and interact too, and bought by readers in these days and earlier they were reading the article more than once and spend more time in browsing old articles, today it completes one read the article has the title.

What happened?

Small became big

Eleven years ago it was available to our generation today watching another generation, it was read to us at the beginning of the creation of the site which is 30 years old today, 41-year-old child who was aged 7 years became 18 years old. Mostly read the article right now is this baby who became a young man 🙂

We are facing a new generation does not read long articles, want information quick, easy, want in the picture says to put the heart on it or a video of 15 seconds does not complete his engagement, generation takes its information short of the surface of the applications of social media.

Technical is no longer amazing

Also from the defects of maturity to become as flashing your harder with the passage of time, this is Fact, remember with us, times of the beginning of the smartphone and how it surprises us special, small add Apple to the operating system or application version is doing nothing innovative or distinctive, and even the game become free for the first time, all this and the simplest was to feel in us the campaign. Today, there are no experience protects you or even is approaching this.

To get technical

Since 2007 when I started the smart phone revolution, we carry technology with us in our hands after that it was on the computers at home or work, we become attached to them more deal with on a daily basis but all the time, and we, no longer the strange alien, but has become familiar and no longer there is a great need for we have become “teachers”.

What happened any-iPhone Islam

IPhone Islam undoubtedly have a great impact in the world of technology in the Arab world, and unaware of this effect is only ignorant. Read an article (iPhone Islam, X) and (the achievements of iPhone Islam) to learn more about the past of iPhone Islam, but what about the present? Undoubtedly influenced by iPhone Islam as all the factors that tell us, like idle news and lack of protection have not been allocated in which of the news Apple to people generally read long articles, and this led to the low number of readers and the higher the income of the physical almost.

The future of iPhone Islam

The solution is development, can not iPhone Islam as it is, must address the new generation of the current in a language which he understands, continue this way will lead to the end no doubt. We are trying to cope with this change even though we love our old way.

There’s still a fan of the

We talked about the dark side, but there is a bright side is the presence of more than one hundred thousand follow-up to loving the fact of any-iPhone Islam, yes many people do. maybe more than a million followers but one hundred thousand follow-up does not pass them on to me and become iPhone Islam, and some of them ask for via mail and some of them advises us and some of them called us back. These are the gain iPhone Islam real.

Celebrate with everyone over 11 years to create a iPhone Islam and celebrate continue with you so today we celebrate the future of the amazing don’t know any good it will cast it on them, important to celebrate the day, we leave the answer to that question for another day, you will continue location of iPhone Islam for coming?

In today’s article we left our professionalism and we talked with you from the heart, what you feel after you read this article? How will you celebrate today? 🙂

Information: did you notice in the image provided to phone my iPhone to represent the number 11, isn’t that deep 🙂

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