Apple releases iPhone 5G 2020

أبل تطلق أيفون 5G عام 2020

Confirmed reports of the intention of the American corporation Apple to add services fifth generation to her phone months iPhone through 2020, following approval by the Federal Communications Commission officially to the company to experience the services of the Fifth Army on its phones over the past year 2017.

But as our return Apple, they don’t add any new services on its phones, but after many tests to ensure the quality of the new service as well as in the services of the Fifth Army.

It seems that next year will be a big change in the mobile phone market Smart, due to the approaching date of the provision of the services of the fifth generation of the average user by the telecommunication companies in some countries of the world.

And the services of fifth-generation internet connection faster than the current generation in addition to the fixed-speed according to what is announced from the telecom companies.

It has already been and we talked about the company Samsung Korean and invested in the provision of services and fifth-generation equipment for telecom operators the desire of the police in the car on the provision of hardware infrastructure and with communications companies of America such as AT&T to become the main supplier in the hope that controls about 20% of the new market can find out more details by watching this topic “Samsung is targeting 20% of market the fifth generation“.

According to fastcompany, Apple has teamed up with the company Intel to provide CHIP fifth generation that will add to her phone the iPhone the new to determine the model of the “8161 5G modem”, although the presence of some heat problems in the new chip that you need to solve before put on the market commercially, so Apple has also communion with company Mediatech in order to become the second choice in the supply of slices to the fifth generation in the case of non-success of the Intel to solve the heat problem.

It is worth noting that Apple used to provided currently at Intel in phones and the iPhone that have been released in 2018, but LTE services are likely to continue Apple for chipset Modem from Intel in phones next, but according to the statements of the company Intel they are fully prepared and committed to its agreements with customers in order to provide segments of the fifth generation in the schedule.

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