The simplest way to observe the filial and listen to their calls remotely

لمراقبة الابناء والاستماع الى مكالماتهم عن بعد

This article is addressed to Guardians and parents things and each of no authority to adjust things , when arrived doubt to the few in the behavior of a family member and need a calendar, you first have to cut doubt after that you have enough information about his behavior outside the home.

This behavior summarizing his phone call between him and the Friends / friend of his . When relax hear you to call or more you can tell the need to intervene or not.

Of course. To be able to listen to his calls is not easy. or easy , to intuit the other endeavours this coming the outcome is benign. But in return, technology has provided us ways in which to refuse this war.

Application callBOX is that you’ll like to follow up on suspected safety of their sons and cronies, that doesn’t mean I keep watching them last forever.. call or two calls or three, is sufficient to achieve that peace.

The app lets you receive private calls on his cell phone mobile to your to your email periodically. While the party observer won’t know all of this , where the app features a callBOX authority masking itself from the phone entirely when you install it and adjust the settings. Won’t be able to one of access to the Swan.

To observe the filial and listen to their calls remotely

How it works the app Automatic Call Recorder & Hide App Pro-callBOX

The beginning of the. You need to stop on account of my mail on Google Gmail.
Work on creation of this account without to include your real data.

Download the application from the following link:

Automatic Call Recorder & Hide App Pro-callBOX

  • You download it surreptitiously install it on the phone you want to monitor . To be able to register directly for all voice calls made by that party or that is available.
    When you install the app and run it click on open and the ones on I Confirm that call recording is legal in my country and I Have read and accept the privacy policy and then move on Alow then Alow then Alow .
  • After that you’ll move on to Settings by clicking on the Settinhs .
    Go to Notification where you have to cancel this feature so as not to show the development of application-specific Notification and even don’t discover the partner that there is of the works on monitor.
  • Guide to Hide CallBOX Icon where you will hide the icon of this application and this will enable us to after they click the ON button to make the other party notice of the existence of new apps on his mobile phone.
  • We will notice the disappearance of the icon of the application in order to show, once again, we write 111 then Call .
    We now go directly to the Link To Google Drive and save on the Link where it will appear E-mail the owner of the phone by default and you have here the choice of this mail., You HTC the pressure on Use another account and then enter the mail data that you passed to this task and your E-mail .

Click On the feature Enable auto sync and a Wifi only and this allows lifting of the files to our phone whenever you call that phone Wi-Fi.

Here. You can monitor the communications that phone to access your account zip above and select Recent to recordings that have been on the phone this list is updated after each call.

We wish to use this category of applications in the satisfaction of God until the calendar behaviors, not more.

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The simplest way to observe the filial and listen to their calls remotely

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