The iPad Pro does not support the storage drive is currently

While waiting for the mission the arrival of the iPad Pro to follow next Wednesday, and revealed some of the reviews online about the feature missing in the tablet.

Praised money the design of the iPad Pro new and and digital the but they croak from the lack of support for USB-C port a new to any external storage drives.

Write Nilai Patel chief editor of The Verge , “the category of one of the external devices will not work with USB-C, namely, the storage drive external transfer support iOS, no, Apple says that it can create third-party applications to communicate with external storage drives, but will not work iPad New straight from the box with these drives”.

Added Patel. he can use the USB-C port to connect the iPad to “things as usual” such as reader memories external, Ethernet external, HDMI cable, and strictly 5K.

Normal to allows USB-C port to transfer power and data, so it appears to avoid its support for external storage drives read the marketing of Apple to attract customers to buy models Options large storage up to 1 TB or buy storage space great on iCloud.

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