Apple’s expected launch of production lines for iPhone XR New due to weak demand

آبل توقف إطلاق خطوط إنتاج آيفون XR جديدة بسبب ضعف الطلب

At the announcement of Apple about the iPhone this year, the company launched a copy at a lower price than their counterparts due to the quality of the screen and the camera is different, I called it iTouch XR has made it available to the users at the end of last October, but apparently that phone didn’t have to dash ahead.

Where indicated the location of the Nikkei to the US company I ordered Chinese companies to the region to cut off the phones, turn any new production channels for the phone least price. The sources said the company Foxconn that it was used to provide the 60 production line for this phone, but its currently running at about 45 production line only, i.e., they produce iPhones XR daily by about 100,000 phone less than planned. As to Apple I ordered the other company Pegatron to stop any production lines for phones.

Maybe this doesn’t look good for the company, especially since pre-ordering on the phone surpassed phones last year, while after its launch, there was weaker demand compared with the phones of last year, which called on the company to stop any production lines of the future so as not to cause losses in the future.

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