Apple preparing to release iOS update 12.1.1 soon the benefits of new!

During the next period will launch the Apple TV iOS update 12.1.1 for users, where the update is available currently version trial developers subscribers program the Apple TV demo, and it is expected that the update adds several new features to the system.

آبل تستعد لإطلاق تحديث iOS 12.1.1 قريباً بمزايا جديدة!
Apple preparing to release iOS update 12.1.1 soon the benefits of new!

Focus on FaceTime

Most of the advantages of the iOS update 12.1.1 centered around FaceTime where they give us the update several new advantages such as the possibility to capture the Live Photo Live Photo when you make a call, it will also update the user interface for the application.

After the update users will instantly notice the change in the bottom bar during a call for the purpose of quick access buttons to mute the call, the heart of the camera, and influences. When you pull the tape up will show additional options for the conversation was previously shown after clicking on three points on the screen.

تحديث iOS 12.1.1 - التركيز على FaceTime
The iOS update 12.1.1 – focus on FaceTime

Other features in the iOS update 12.1.1 :

  • News app: the possibility to hide the sidebar on iPad in the horizontal position.
  • Property off the regular slide when using the slide electronic eSIM
  • Change the icon for an hour the Apple TV.
  • Fixed some bugs and general performance.

The launch date of the iOS update 12.1.1 :

It is expected that the launch of the iOS update 12.1.1 in a week or two weeks at most from now, note that the beta version of the update available for download now for developers subscribers Apple TV program demo.

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