Apple Establish to kill the SIM card provided for the purchase of eSIM default

It’s no secret that Apple played a big role in reduce the size of the SIM cards of standard size to the smaller sized “Nano”. With the announcement of iPhone XS and XS Max, Apple announced that those devices contain SIM cards, one for the second virtual called eSIM. What was meant by that? Why Apple is offering two cards SIM did in China only without other countries of the world? And Apple was going to actually cancel the SIM card to the actual economy, only on the card eSIM default in the near future? All these questions and more questions we will answer in this article. Proceed with us.

Of knowledge, that the technique of eSIM is not a new one and Apple are the first to made by. It has provided by Google in its device-Pixel 2, made by Samsung in the hour of her Gear S2 3G. Introduced by Apple two years ago in the iPad Pro 9.7 inches, but did not wait for that technique extensively only after that provided by Apple in the hour of its Apple Watch Series 3.

Technical eSIM

Slice the eSIM, or Embedded-SIM or chip embedded, also known as the card of the Integrated Circuit world “eUICC” an acronym for “Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card” is a digital also called eSIM IC or circuit an integrated electronic, which is made of silicon within the components of the phone’s internal non-replaceable or azaleas only by professionals, because it is soldered directly on the motherboard as part of the manufacturing process.

Allows you to slice eSIM digital or virtual cellular connectivity without having to use a SIM card for that require a score card and connect the circuits electronically “ICs” special operation and processing operations own and other capacitors, resistors and transistors that occupy space in the motherboard, they are replaced every IT department a very small one called eSIM easily programmed by the companies to contact, easy to deal with by users, so that they are provided with corporate communications on the serial number, or on the special chip to be programmed in a simple and fast remote and then start using the network.

Users can navigate between more than a mobile network with ease without the requirement for reconciliation with a certain, and to switch between slides constantly.

The to virtual card eSIM as a technology of the future, and it will dispense SIM actual in any case to be replaced by the default ones, since they are easy to use. One of its advantages is that it’s easy to move to another home network in another state.

This technology hosts a wide variety of electronic devices such as wearables, tablets and mobile phones with the aim of providing the experience of connection Cellular the best.

It is worth noting, that the assembly of the international network of the mobile phone which symbolizes his short “the GSMA” s in 2010 to discuss the subject of replacing the SIM card system built-in appliances, can control the network of the mobile through the software and not by changing SIM cards every now and then. While the Motorola system “eUICC” or eSIM addressed to industrial devices such as: it is placed in the auto service contact in case of emergency.

And availability of Apple on any statement, prevents the use of the technology UICC or eSIMفي any consumer product. In 2012 the European Commission adopted such technical service to contact in case of emergency inside the car and were referred to as eCall . She said Apple has also integrated that technology in the Apple Watch Apple Watch Series 3. It was supposed to be that technology is built into all new cars in the European Union in this year of 2018 to connect to the emergency immediately after an accident. And many states are now adopting this technology extensively.

Why do you think apple slices eSIM digital now?

Here is the apple available in to use that default segment is founded not in the organs of the iPhone, the new XS. It is assumed that the companies will follow the other mobile suit, Apple TV and mobile phones that new slide default, and then gonna come around them to telecommunications companies and supports the technical, and thus Apple devices ready and prepared for that event, and not have to buy the iPhone a new calls this new technology, its time to be with you iPhone a year ago or two years or even three years, you’re assured that your phone supports the technique of going out after a period of time is not quite some time.

Unfortunately, no technical supports eSIM only ten states currently are: Austria, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, India, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. As for the purchase of communication that supports that slide as reported by Apple are: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Bell, EE, Vodafone, Airtel, Deutsche Telekom, Truphone, GigSky and Ji certainly will be the rest of companies to support this technology in the near future.

Why do you get China on the devices iPhone dual SIM did without the rest of the world?

In spite of the support companies major Chinese that like, China Telecom and China Mobile, support the two cities, except Beijing, the organs of the iPhone will contain a bar my SIM did you can switch between them as you want like many of the Android phones. This is due to reasons:

◉ Importance of the Chinese market, it is rare to say the Apple customizes its products for certain markets. Because the standardization of the design makes the manufacturing process efficient and fast. China is the largest market for Apple after the United States, in addition to it’s main production base for iPhone and iPad worldwide. Hence the need for Apple to make sacrifices to reach the largest market of smart phones and the internet in the world. Where the achieved Apple 45 million in revenue from China in its fiscal year 2017, equivalent to 20% of the total annual sales.

◉ Suitable company has a strong weight in the Chinese market such as Huawei and those that are subject to the directives of the local Chinese and offer more services.

◉ Said James Yan, an analyst with Counterpoint Research ” the use of the system eSIM will allow clients to change the companies direction is easier, a situation you don’t want more companies to contact the Chinese. As to the negotiations between Apple and those companies haven’t done yet, which made the two tranches of the actual a better choice.

◉ On the Apple to use the dictates of the Chinese market is critical for oversight. Last year, for example, The Wall Street Journal reported that the companies contact the Chinese stopped cellular connectivity on the Apple Watch the second generation because it supports the technical eSIM analysts said that makes it difficult for telecom companies to trace the identity of the user of the device.

Provided Apple’s concessions to comply with Chinese law, in 2016 Apple has closed the Store, iBooks and iTunes Movies. In the past year Apple has removed hundreds of apps from the app store of China, especially the applications of a VPN, which lets people to hide their positions and analysis on official efforts to block certain sites.

◉ Didn’t want Apple’s official statement about the reason for the presence of devices iPhone contains two slots for SIM real in China.

Definitely will be available to you to use both types of IP devices-the iPhone in the Arab world.

What do you think the technology partner of the eSIM is? And will replace the SIM the actual? Tell us in the comments.


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