Charlie Shrem denies charges of the Winklevoss brothers. But then who’s lying?

Early Bitcoinentrepreneur Charlie Shrem denies charges that he allegedly stole 5 thousand BTC from Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. On Monday, Shrem was presented to the district court of new York document which denies the accusation from the twins-billionaires. He argues that it was not stolen and that his account has been blocked unreasonably.

The Winklevoss twins back in September filed a lawsuit, in which claim that in 2012 gave Charlie Sremu almost a million dollars to buy 5 thousand coins BTC. But he instead left them to themselves. At the time of this writing, a sum equivalent to more than 32 million dollars.

In his appeal Shrem says that 5 million coins were in the purse to third parties, which helped to purchase BTC. And he didn’t have direct access to this wallet. Moreover, he never have not transferred. And then added that to this day has no access keys. Shrem parried the allegations by the brothers that he spent those coins on new cars, boats and houses.

After his release from prison, I had a personal 100 thousand dollars. I spent six months working in a restaurant in Pennsylvania. Since I changed jobs and slowly recovered in financial terms.

In confirmation of his words, Shrem made to print the transactions registered in It can be seen that 5000 BTC were moved twice – first on 31 December 2012 on a purse that doesn’t belong Sremu and then out in the unknown direction. In yet another application from Crema tells what kind of transaction.

Also, Shrem saidthat he had long paid the debt to the state. Recall that we are talking about the fine of 950 thousand dollars, which he was charged for exchange activities without a license. More data look at cryptodata.

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