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Today, smartphones have become the most popular devices. However, their supplies reduced. Does this mean a gradual decline in interest of users to the smart phones? However, analysts have predicted when the growth of the most dynamic modern markets will resume. It also became known which companies were the leading suppliers of smart phones in the global market in the third quarter of this year. It is also reported the average price of the current iPhone. Nokia managed to surprise and please all who appreciate the products of the legendary brand.

In the third quarter of 2018, the global market was supplied less phones than in the third quarter of last year. Ended quarter was the fourth in a row in which the number of units shipped decreased. Estimated Counterpoint, during the third quarter of this year was delivered 386,8 million phones, which is 3% less than for the corresponding period in 2017, said Ivan (Ivan) on the resource page Thus, according to the estimates of IDC , the decline in the supply of phones made up 6%.

The global smartphone market leaders and the success of Nokia

Рынок телефонов

A leading provider of smartphones, remains the company Samsung, which put 72 million units, which is 13% lower than the previous year. Huawei has surpassed Apple and became the second supplier of phones to the world market with the figure of 52 million delivered devices. Apple shipped a little less than 47 million iPhone sales.

It is noted that, although Apple shipments remained at the same level, revenue increased by 29%, which became possible due to the record average price of iPhone amounted to 793 USD.

Рынок телефонов

Nokia phones were extremely popular. The company’s HMD was able almost to double the rate of supply of devices to 4.8 million. However, to date the market share of the HMD is only 1%.

IDC predicts that in 2019 the world market of smart phones is expected to increase again.

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