The Google Pixel 3 not enough RAM

Google Pixel 3

Every year smartphones Google Pixel it finds any problems that frustrate buyers. In 2017 the model Pixel 2 XL has been found unpleasant feature — the screen had a bluish tint, but in one of the firmware updates the problem was resolved. The third generation, there are at least six faults, and one of them is the inability of applications to run in the background. In the root of the problem, and when Google will correct it?

That running on background applications suddenly stop working, mostly complain about the owners of the model Pixel 3 XL. For example, a running music player a few minutes later after screen lock can suddenly and without any error reports to complete the work. As a rule, the application behave in low memory.

RAM Google Pixel 3 is 4 GB. For smartphones in 2018 it’s a pretty modest figure, but not so much that a smartphone could not cope with multitasking. As new items are also experiencing difficulties with save photos, it is believed that these two issues are somehow interrelated.

According to one of the company, the update with the fix will be released in the “coming weeks”. According to PhoneArena, the expectation of the patch may be delayed until December 2018. Some people have doubts that the RAM problem can be solved programmatically.

Available Google Pixel 3 flaws may scare off some buyers, but they also have very attractive features. For example, the function “Now Playing” constantly recognizes music that sounds near the user. Thus, a person may at any time to see what song was playing in a cafe or other establishment in any given day.

Have you had any problems with the RAM, in other smartphones? Your stories can you tell in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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