Russian retailers give the Galaxy S8 and S8+ for ridiculous money

As to market new smartphones the interest of consumers to models released a year or more ago, is reduced exponentially. And for good reason. Despite the General enthusiasm for the flagship devices, manufacturers continue to release last year and to call attention to them, offer them at absolutely bargain prices, which often added discount from the retailer. Now it can be seen in the many smartphones, but we will focus on the Galaxy S8.

As found having studied the available offers using an independent online system “Yandex.Market”, prices on last year’s Galaxy S8 today starts from the level of 28 thousand rubles. It’s insanely attractive price for the device, which moreover will be supported by the manufacturer for at least another two years, and offers competitive performance, comparable even with flagship smartphones of the current generation.

The affordable flagship

Naturally, over 28 thousand retailers offer a basic version of the Galaxy S8 with a minimum amount of constant memory is 64 GB. However, for those who want to get the smartphone more affordable Galaxy S8+ with the same amount of internal storage and only 1.5-2 thousand rubles more expensive. However, for the money you will receive a 6.3-inch display, which can hold much more information, allowing you to use it not only for entertainment but also for work.

If you believe the information retailers that implement Galaxy S8 at that price, all smartphones have a minimum of one year warranty, and some even two. Additional year probably is only available for devices imported into Russia through official channels of supply, which are subject to Russian legislation on consumer protection.

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