The developers were unhappy with the new Mac App Store

Last year, Apple revealed a completely redesigned app store for iOS. Global changes actually benefited the App Store — number of downloads of applications has increased significantly, and the users themselves are much more likely to visit the brand directory programs. However, the company did not stop WWDC 2018 presented a new app store for its desktop platforms macOS. How will this affect the Mac App Store? Let’s find out.

Since its launch in 2011, the Mac App Store has not gained popularity. Many developers prefer to use a different distribution model applications. The store is not developed and is well understood in the Apple. And even the recent redesign has not changed the situation radically.

As shown by the survey conducted by Setapp, many developers are still unhappy with the Mac App Store. According to the publishers, though, and the store has become better, Apple still have a lot of work to make your application catalog competitive. Were noted such shortcomings as:

  • The lack of trial versions of applications
  • The complex process of moderation
  • The lack of complete and detailed statistics on the application
  • The developers still are not able to respond to reviews users

Of the respondents, only about 22% publish their apps exclusively on the Mac App Store. About 32% of developers are doing it outside of the corporate directory. 46% of publishers distribute their programs as through the Mac App Store, and crawl store. This approach is quite understandable: developers more profitable to sell their apps separately, without paying a significant Commission of 30% on each sale.

However, if Apple still listens to criticism, and will begin work in this direction, the Mac App Store, according to respondents, will be able to repeat the success of the App Store.

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