Tiny camera is designed for operations on veins and arteries

Now modern surgery is almost not complete without the use of cameras during operations. This is especially true of surgery on the blood vessels, which have very small diameter. Here without supervision is not enough and it is advisable to “left” and under surgical instruments. Therefore, the miniaturization of devices for these purposes is extremely important and recently, scientists from Cambridge University have developed the smallest to date camera with a very unusual structure, suitable for operations on vessels.

The main difference from all the existing analogues (other than size) is that the processing of the image occurs according to the technology “chip-on-tip”. In a “standard” endoscope, the signal is transmitted by wire to the main unit, where it is deciphered and converted to image. In the new camera, dubbed Leap, everything you need is at the end of the endoscope. Technology jointly developed with Omnivision and the prototype device has the image size is 400×400 (0.16 megapixels), but in the final version of the resolution can be increased at least until 1600х1600 (and this is a 2.6 megapixel, which is very appreciated).

The diameter of the flexible endoscopic tube is equal to 1.35 mm, so it can be used even for coronary angioscopy (study of the blood vessels of the heart). In addition, according to the authors, the Leap can be used along with diagnostic techniques such as intravascular ultrasound and optical coherence tomography.

In addition to this, Leap allows, in contrast to the large endoscopes, not to depend on bulky equipment in the operating room, as Leap can be connected to any normal computer. Also in new development some of the details (e.g., optical pipe) are disposable, reducing the risk of transmission of infections and diseases from one person to another in case of insufficient sterilization. According to one of the developers Simon Karger,

“We have combined experience with intravascular devices with our knowledge in the field of micro-optics, system engineering and AI, a result of having the system as profitable from an economic point of view, and practical.”

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