Why Bitcoin will grow to 10 thousand dollars by the beginning of 2019? Response of traders

The fall in the volatility of Bitcoin has almost erased all hopes of investors see a five-digit amount for 1 BTC at least to the end of this year. The probability is still there, but it is not above 19 percent. Sure, two of the authors cryptology Skew. In one of the last posts capturadora from London explained why jump to 10 thousand dollars so easy.

Options traders do not believe in Bitcoin

Bloggers have noted that exceed five figures is quite difficult because futures Bitcoin. Derivatives market in the crypt at the moment is absolutely flat, so expect a sharp price movements in the near future is not worth it. Moreover, the authors Skew argue that the probability of rapid growth of Bitcoin until June 2019 is only 19 percent.

Recall that the volatility allows traders options to achieve their goals at the cost of the asset before the expiry date of the contract. The current situation (very low volatility of Bitcoin) may not change in 2019. Now the cost of the home cryptocurrency varies between 1.5 per cent during the day.

In Skew also said that investors ‘ expectations from the October options on Bitcoin was higher than in any other month this year. Over the past 30 days, the cryptocurrency has experienced some relatively strong price rally, one of which was due to the fall of the main stablon Tether.

The ratio of buyers to sellers averaged 84% with a small drawdown below 50 percent.

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Do not despair — in Skew do not rule out a completely different scenario. Traders speculated that the beginning of the second quarter of 2019 Bitcoin can fly above 20 thousand dollars. However the probability of this is quite low — only 4 percent. About the beginning bullrun you will be notified in our cryptodata.


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