The latest update can turn Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 in the “brick”

Xiaomi has decided to make MIUI some adjustments that can turn the most popular at the moment, the device of Redmi Note 5 in “brick”.

Now users of Redmi Note 5 will not be able to revert to an older version of the system if they have already installed MIUI ROM 10 Public 8.7.5. The company introduced the mechanism of “antidot” that blocks this procedure, turning the smartphone into a “brick”.

About this users of the device said the administrator of the forum MIUI:

If you are using a version below 10 MIUI ROM 8.7.5 Public, not to worry, as the new mechanism is active only in version 8.7.5 and above, if you believe MIUI.

On the one hand, such a step is justified, because it is a care of users, their security. However, the fact that by accident or ignorance, the smartphone can fail, not happy.

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According to the materials of MIUI Forum

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