Users will be able to update Android app without leaving them

At yesterday’s Google event in addition to the announcement of bendable displaysalso tell about other novelties of Android.

New In-app Updates, the API will allow you to update the application in the process of their use. Users will receive suggestions to upgrade the program, but they will not throw in Google Play utility will update and restart.

Also Google has expanded capabilities of Instant Apps. Now developers can increase the size of the “instant” applications up to 10 MB, it will be suitable for games. Also now it will be enough to create a single app bundle for the Instant application, and for the full version.

Other announcements worth noting the release of Android Studio 3.3 beta. In the new version of Google will focus on improving productivity, quality and speed. Android Jetpack (next generation tools and Android API) received new library Navigation and Work Manager. And Android Slices (the ability to interact with applications) will start to appear in Google search results.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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