Pump on Yobit ended. The exchange chose PutinCoin

Who does not want to quickly and easily earn money? You had the opportunity, was enough to participate in Pampa on the stock exchange Yobit (we wrote about it in the channel). And although the official PAMP random coins caused anger and condemnation in cryptocommunist, it someone can’t get up.

At this time the exchange has chosen the coin PutinCoin. It is on CoinMarketCap ranking, where it occupies 1083 place with a market capitalization of 161 thousand dollars. Note that the President of the Russian Federation has nothing to cryptocurrency.

Pump it!

The story originates from October 11. On this day, the official Twitter account Yobit has information about the upcoming Pampa random coins on the exchange. Many took the message as a joke, but the exchanger had very serious intentions.

A “victim” of Pampa was the coin PUT (PutinCoin). The 10-minute exchange bought a certain number of coins worth 1 BTC. During this period of time on the pump was spent 10 BTC. The result is PutinCoin increased by 1400 percent (from 118 to 1768 Satoshi). In addition, the trading volume of bitcoin has increased to 130 BTC in just 40 minutes.

All sharply upwards, should also fall sharply. It seems that this fundamental law of kryptonyte. After Yobit stopped buying PutinCoin course coins struck in a matter of minutes.

Image source — Bitcoinist

Anyway, Yobit managed to overcome a mark in $ 28 million volumes. Rather, the exchanger is not the first time uses such tactics. Previously, the exchange’s management was accused of hidden PAMP coins. According to an independent survey, Yobit is a favorite place for fraud Althingi. Perhaps in the future the exchange will continue to “officially” buy a random cryptocurrencies.

Information prepared in Bitcoinist. Other interesting details are still in cryptodata of hontarov.


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