Again puzzles: Bitcoin crashed due to an unknown whale. He poured 50500 coins BTC

The fall of Bitcoin by 15 percent at the end of August doesn’t just happen. Analysts Chainalysis found out that the anonymous “kit” in the interval from 23 to 30 August, made about 50 transactions totaling 50500 bitcoins. At that time they were worth almost 320 million dollars, writes Bloomberg.

The rumors that the “kit” plans to dump all their coins on the background of the depreciation of the first cryptocurrency and the General decline in the market, there two weeks ago on Reddit. Then the user was talking about a man, whose fortune is estimated at 111 to 114 coins (about $ 2 billion), and he owns the Bitcoin address is one of the oldest in the network.

Why Bitcoin fell

The debate participants attributed the money to the founder of once the largest platform for trading drugs and weapons in darkwave SilkRoad Ross Ulbricht or the exchange Mt. Gox. However, who that someone was — is still unknown.

Our attention was drawn to a discussion on Reddit, where participants suggested that a major shadow player would like to cash out bitcoins. This is just a conspiracy theory — it’s possible that “kit” just moved money from one purse to another in safety. Although we do not know exactly why he did it.

The existence of such shadow players is clearly dangerous for the market. Once they can leave the game and bring down the exchange rate of Bitcoin or other coins so much that the recovery will take decades.

Go to the discussion of the situation in cryptcat of hontarov and whales.


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