About 20% of Android users want to switch to iPhone

It is considered that the deep meaning of the proverb “Where was born there and handy” applies to mobile users who rarely change a single software platform and change to another. However, as we found out Analytics consulting firm Merrill Lynch Global Research Horace Didier, there are many people using Android smartphones who are unhappy with their current operating system and with great pleasure would have switched to iOS.

The study polled more than 32 thousand users of smartphones of various brands, most of whom admitted they are hesitant not only to change the platform, but even a change of brand.

User loyalty — the success of the manufacturer

The most loyal were the users of Samsung and Huawei, 53 and 54% of which have repeatedly acquired smartphones of these brands. With a small margin and figure of 42% followed by fans of devices from Google.

But most interesting is that, despite this dedication, the fifth part of the total mass of the respondents would like to change Android to iOS. The largest share of defectors found among the owners of HTC smartphones, which counted as many as 25%. In second place — the owners of Samsung devices. They had accumulated more than 19%.

Why Android users switching to iOS

It is obvious that the primary motivation for many of those who are planning to transfer to iOS, has become not so much a lack of innovative ideas from your favorite manufacturers, how many decisive steps Apple. According to some respondents, their choice in favor of the iPhone has really affected the market entry of new models with larger screens, thanks to which they can be used not only for calls and SMS, but also to perform more serious tasks.

Consumers who prefer iPhone to Android smartphones do not hesitate even a pricing policy of Apple. Most defectors reacted calmly to the fact that the flagship device kupertinovtsy will have to pay at least one thousand dollars, and a half — if you want to get the top-end version.

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