Cryptogram in the Nevada desert. What will it be, and what will leave millions of dollars?

Attorney consumer protection Jeffrey burns is the owner and CEO of Blockchains LLC. Earlier this year, the company bought more than 67 thousand acres of land in the Northern part of the Nevada desert. The amount of the transaction amounted to 170 million dollars. He talked about his plans to invest another 300 million in the construction of cryptoguard in the desert. Burns made a fortune by investing in Ethereum in 2015. Now he wants to pay tribute to cryptologist and leave your mark in this field.

Welcome to the Sandbox

According to the information of, Sandbox should be the prototype of smart cities of the future, where any interaction will occur within the decentralized infrastructure of the blockchain. In the future, provided the technology for companies that work with bloccano, artificial intelligence, 3D technology, and nanotechnology. It is assumed that the population of the city will amount to several thousand people, and the streets there are shops and restaurants. Burns did not forget about the arena for eSports, as well as a Studio for production of music, movies, games and other delights.

Convenient Bank and bunkers in case of nuclear disaster

According to burns, in addition to the excellent location from the point of view of taxation, Blockchains LLC developers, investors and cryptoendolithic in store something else. The company acquired two decommissioned military bunkers in different parts of the United States, which will be equipped with a secure physical storage for digital assets.

As for wanting outside the United States, the company also owns the “FORTS” in the granite mountain in Switzerland and Sweden. In addition, burns now belongs to the Bank from which he was going to do the cryptocurrency-friendly institution. More data look at cryptodata.

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