It looks like the new dark mode on the Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Collection of images

The day before Samsung Electronics held a developers conference in San Francisco. Special attention at the event gave the shell One Samsung UI, which is based on Android 9 Pie. Innovations weight — because of the abundance of features the developers even decided to use new branding. One of the important parts of update became dark theme. It is perfect for lovers of black. Journalists tested the regime and shared the images.

Dark theme is a modern trend. She gradually appears on many Google applications, but to complete the work is still far. For example, in Google Maps night mode works only during active navigation. Activation instructions dark tones in the app is here.

Night Theme on the Galaxy color in black almost all stock apps, reports Android Police. Looks nice and natural.

This window add a new account. The accents in this red.

So in the night look theme settings. The colors of the icons are soft, and discomfort while working should not occur.

This on the flagship Galaxy smartphones will now calendar. The accompanying color for the stroke and reminders became blue.

A gallery of images underscores how good looks the transition menu in the notification bar.

Notes are characterized by smooth angles.

Keyboard combines blue and red additional colors. For example, the activation button uppercase letters painted in the first place, and notification icons in the second.

And so was the messenger. Offers to add to contacts or block the caller in the upper part highlighted in dark gray figures. They don’t distract attention, but emphasize the excellent controls.

Below is the setup screen for the alarm. The color of the switch coincides with the release of days of active alarm.

Still have the calculator.

Window dial.

A pop-up window with a flashlight, Wi-Fi, cellular data and other useful functions.

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