The riddle of the year: anonymous hidden in the picture 310 bitcoin. Who got the reward?

Last week in the Internet appeared the puzzle, the key to which was the private key from the wallet 310 BTC. The mystery quickly became a hit in cryptocommunist, as it is one of the most expensive puzzles lately. However, the secret of the puzzle someone has already figured out — October 10, specified with 310 bitcoin wallet empty.

Who won the jackpot?

The anonymous Creator left to the puzzle short description.

310 bitcoins are hidden in the image above. Those who unravel the key can take all the coins.

This is not the first time that a puzzle I give the crypt. Though the size of the prize ranged from 1 to 5 bitcoins. This time the game was on the big — anonymous has promised $ 1.9 million for the reply on the picture. The huge size of the prize aroused great interest and even suspicion among cryptoendoliths.

Still not clear if the coins got it to him who solved the puzzle. Signature and address of the purse free tracking, picture puzzle, too, is in the public domain. Whatever the reason, October 10, 310 of bitcoins from the sender disappeared. And this is a huge amount.

In addition to the mystery anonymous wrote a few lines. According to him, he just doesn’t need the money. That’s why I decided to share them.

I’m an early Bitcoin investor. I got a lot of bitcoins in the early days of using my computer, after I bought more cryptocurrencies. That’s all I can say about myself. I’m doing this anonymously, but you can call me PIP.

Image source — news.bitcoin

In the FAQ peep revealed a few interesting details. It turns out that in black-and-white mosaic hidden several addresses is 0.1, 0.2 and 0.31 BTC. The private key to one of the wallets was disclosed some Lustre.

Information prepared by in news.bitcoin. The recipient of the main prize certainly went to the cryptocurrency chat.


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