In beta Android Pie 9 found image Galaxy S10

The next flagship of Samsung Electronics, which will probably be the Galaxy S10 will get a display that is 100% devoid of edges on the perimeter. This is indicated by the image of an unknown smartphone, hidden in code beta Android 9 Pie for Galaxy Note 9. Discovered the device although it has a frame around the edges, completely devoid of the upper face on which the devices of the previous generations housed the complex of the front sensors, the scanning system and camera lens.

Despite the fact that the image shows only the upper part of the smartphone, while the bottom is hidden, there is every reason to believe that the front panel will be completely symmetrical. In any case, as experience has shown A8s Galaxy a Samsung engineers already have the necessary technology that will enable it to deliver its next flagship from the front panels above and below the display, whose functional purpose is quite controversial.

This is exactly Galaxy S10?

As the experience of previous years, Samsung likes to include in firmware branded smartphones reference to their future products. For example, in the beta version of Android Nougat for Galaxy S7 South Korean vendor has placed the image of the Galaxy S8, and the beta Android Oreo for Galaxy S8 hid the reference to the Galaxy S9. In this regard, says the user of the resource XDA Max Weinbach, who discovered an image of the alleged Galaxy S10, there is no doubt that we have before us — the flagship of Samsung the tenth generation.

But Galaxy S10 will not be the only headliner 2019. According to the confirmed information already on 7 November will show the world Samsung folding Galaxy F. the Smartphone will have a flexible design with three displays. One of them is a 4.6-inch will be placed on an external panel and will be used to complete quick tasks, while the other two will be located on the inner side and in the expanded state will form a unified working surface of the diagonal of 7.3 inches.

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