All to the bottom: how the fall of Bitcoin has influenced the top altcoins

After yesterday’s fall the EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero and Stellar returned to their major support lines. Thus there is a strong likelihood of a new wave plum to continue the bearish trend. A detailed analysis of the charts of five coins located below.


Like other altcoins, the EOS is in a protracted downtrend. Despite the recent closing price is above the line of the local downtrend, bitcoin could be summarized as growth. Now, it has dropped almost to $ 5.

Image source — NewsBTC

Now, we should expect a decrease in the asset until the support zone of 4.3 per dollar. If in the area will happen a steady rebound, so it will be possible to open a long position with a stop loss just below $ 4.


The Litecoin bulls with no luck. Yesterday completely destroyed all hopes of growth, knocking out a huge number of stops from long positions. Litecoin back to $ 50.

Image source — NewsBTC

Current level — the lower boundary of the sideways channel, which stretches from 50 to 70 dollars. If cryptocurrency is here to stay is not delayed, you should expect reduce up to 30 dollars.


After a period of consolidation the price XLM formed a bullish flag, but this pattern proved to be false — the asset value immediately plummeted. Of course, this turn has scared off buyers and now cryptocurrency is completely dominated by the bears.

Image source — NewsBTC

The most likely scenario is a gradual decrease to 20 and then to 15 cents. In the worst case, Aldon will fall to 9 cents.


A drop of 10 cents means that ADA returned to her main line of support. Cryptocurrency is still in the global downtrend, so long trades pullbacks the price is very dangerous.

Image source — NewsBTC

If the asset drops below the Cardano will set a new price record this year. To short in this situation is also not very helpful, so it is recommended to refrain from trading Aldona.


Monero is one step away from the psychologically important support level of $ 100. Bitcoin managed to stay above the line of the local uptrend.

Image source — NewsBTC

At the moment the main target of the bears remains the area of $ 70. If the coin falls below $ 100, you can safely open a short position.

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