Radeon RX RX 670 and 680 GPU with Navi 12 will be released in the second half of next year

It is no secret that now in the graphics market Nvidia is not just a leader — after the release of a new generation of Turing she basically left without competition.

Generation AMD Navi, according to early data, released in the best case at the end of 2019, and it will not be the top-end GPU. The top will be released in 2020 or even 2021.

However, today in a Network there was just two pieces of news regarding the Navi. The first argues that the Radeon RX RX 670 and 680 will be released in the third quarter of next year. They will be based on semiaromatic GPU, will get 8 GB of GDDR6 memory and 256-bit bus.

Later it was reported about Navi GPU 12, which is debuting just about the same time, so, apparently, the mentioned models will receive it.

Navi GPU 12 will be the first GPU generation Navi. Cards based on it will play in the middle price segment, but the performance would be at the level of the current RX Vega 56.

Moreover, it is known that Navi 12 will get 40 blocks of Compute Unit (CU). Before I would tell you that this means that the stream processors will be 2560, as the GCN architecture, which is based on all the AMD graphics card line, starting with the Radeon HD 7000, implies the presence of 64 stream processors each unit CU. However, Navi will be the first architecture entirely new generation, and configuration of execution units may be different.

As for Nvidia, there are rumors that seminomatous GPU it will go next year, but it is unclear when it will happen and what cards you will receive the first such GPUs. In any case, most of 2019, apparently, in the upper and middle price segments will be held in one of the gates. Let’s hope that the output of the Navi will return competition to the market.

By the way, if anyone is interested, here I talked about the reasons why Navi will have to wait that long.

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