Most of the producers by 2020 will completely abandon metal enclosures

Sony is probably the best known manufacturer of smart phones with a glass back cover. The company used glass before it became mainstream. Today, manufacturers are increasingly resorting to the use of glass in their devices. Researchers from Counterpoint Research provided a timetable for distribution of the glass buildings. So, by the end of 2018, 26% of smartphones on the market will have a glass back cover.

From 2016 to 2018 traced 2-growth. In 2019 and 2020, growth is significantly reduced, but it will be enough to the end of 2019, 41% of all devices were made of glass. By 2020 this figure will reach 60%, which can not but rejoice, because glass machines, in my opinion, much more attractive metal.

There are two reasons due to which manufacturers use glass:

The cost

Metal is more expensive than glass. This is probably the main reason to use glass back covers.

Wireless charging

The feature of this technology don’t allows its use in metal devices, with the popularity of wireless charging is growing popularity of glass lids.

The disadvantages of this solution are not many, rather, he is only one — the lack of practicality. Smartphones glass back cover easy to break the glass quickly covered with micro scratches and smudges.

However, this problem in the future may not be a problem at all as every day manufacturers produce more durable solution using different chemical elements to achieve greater strength of the glass. It is possible that in future glass could become even stronger than plastic.

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