More than half of the startups in the crypt do not live longer than six months

According to research by academics at Boston College, more than 50 percent of new ICO startups do not live longer than five months after tocancel. The experts also pointed out that the investor gets the greatest profit, if you sell coins with ICO in the first month after their listing on the exchange. About it reports News.bitcoin.

When to sell tokens after the ICO

The study was conducted by Professor Hugo Benedetti and graduate student, faculty of Finance Leonard Kostovetsky. The study focused on the accounts of startups on Twitter. The researchers took into account the activity of users, comments and ratings after tocancel.

The results are disappointing – the chances of survival does not exceed 44.2% six months after completion of the ICO. Benedetti and Kostovetsky examined almost 2,400 projects and 1000 accounts on a social site.

Sample start-UPS were divided into three groups. The first group did not save enough money on ICO and issued their coins on the exchange. The second group said about successfully collected funds, but were not included in the exchange. Finally, tokens of the third group successfully traded on major cryptomeria. The probability of survival for each group – 17, 48 and 83 percent, respectively. The share Scam in the total number of ICO has reached 11 percent.

Experts made conclusion is to be expected – the success of a startup in the crypt depends on the speed of listing coins on the major exchanges. Statistically, the safest strategy would be to sell tokens with ICO in the first days after their appearance on the stock exchange. In extreme cases hadlich coins need no longer than 6 months after the listing.

Big profits investors in ICO are explained by the underestimation of the rates of the coins when conducting licensee. The researchers also noted that over the past two years, the profit from investing in the ICO began to decline.

Recall, to get the x’s is not only on the traditional ICO. Incidentally, they still are banned in Facebook.


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